What We Fund

Thanks to the financial support of Briarwood parents, families, neighbors, our local community, and businesses, the Briarwood Foundation has been able to ENRICH the learning environment of our classrooms and EMPOWER students by providing technology and instructors who teach the vital skills necessary for our students to EXCEL beyond elementary school. The Briarwood Foundation supported programs impact Briarwood students every day and are not covered by the school district.

Foundation supported programs 2020-2021

Classroom libraries, K-6: $4,835
Zaner-Bloser Handwriting Curriculum: $3458
News-O-Matic, K-6: $1,395

Foundation supported programs 2019-2020

Enrichment materials for 1st grade: $540
Tumble Trax for K: $100
Tubs for STEM bins for K: $135
Heggerty Phonemic Awareness kits, Primary: $800
Letter tiles for K-1: $320
Nursing society membership for Nurse Blizzard: $155
Light table for manipulatives, K: $220
STEM items for K: $350
Tower garden items: $140
Egg incubator: $525
Lanyards: $280
Rooted in Reading Book set for 1st: $500
Handwriting curriculum for 1st and 2nd (2 years): $6700
Calm corner items for social worker: $730
Flocabulary for 6th: $120
Math manipulatives for 1st: $315
Novel sets for novel studies for 4th grade, 3 titles: $1,400
Outdoor picnic tables: $3,500

Foundation supported programs 2018-2019

QBall speakers for K: $400.00
IPad recording phones for K-1: $690.00
Book Creator program for 1st grade:  $250.00
SeeSaw Plus for 6th grade:  $120.00
Osmo accessories – bases and coding Awbie: $300.00
Aerogarden seed pods and accessories for grades K-2: $420.00
IXL ELA for grades 2-5: $1,700.00
Buzz Math for 6th grade: $560.00

Foundation supported programs 2017-2018

STEM boxes and learning tubs for K:  $610.00
STEM boxes and learning tubs for 1st grade:  $610.00
IXL ELA for 6th grade:  $319.00
Breakout Boxes:  $500.00
Makerspace 3-D Printer protection plan, extruder and filament bundles:  $900.00
IXL Math for grades 3-6: $2,975.00
Buzz Math for 6th grade: $480.00
Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens books and workbooks for 6th grade: $850.00
Learning by Doing PLC books: $524.00
Library Literacy Materials: $4,600.00

Foundation supported programs 2016-2017

IXL Math and Buzz Bath for 6th and Pre-Algebra:  $1,350.00
IXL Math for grades 3-5:  $1,750.00
Stability Balls:  $190.00
Osmo Coding and Math:  $240.00
Green Screen:  $120.00
Studio Green Screen and Lighting:  $600.00
Hydroponic Garden:  $160.00
Standing desks and stools:  $2,540.00
Retro handsets for Ipads:  $240.00
Hydroponic Planting Systems:  $1,284.00
MakerSpace Technology
LittleBits Workshop Set:  $1,999.00
MacBook Laptop:  $1,000.00
Makey Makey:  $200.00
MakerBot Mini:  $1,299.00
Parrot Mini Drone:  $376.00
Parrot Minidrone charger and battery:  $144.00
Squishy Circuits Deluxe Kit:  $180.00
Osmo:  $300.00
Osmo bases game system:  $38.00
Extraordinaires Design Studio Pro:  $69.00
Sewing Machine:  $360.00
Makedo Toolkit:  $125.00

Foundation supported programs 2015-2016

Ozbot Classroom Kits: $2,000.00
Stability Balls and Pumps: $724.00
Guided Reading Level U Pack:  $133.00
Dash and Dot Robot:  $200.00
SPRK Sphero IPad Controlled Robots:  $1,300.00
Bouncy Bands:  $583.00
STEM Science Materials:  $1,100.00
Discover STEM Lab Kit:  $1,495.00
STEM Science Materials:  $364.00
Sensory Tools for Students:  $546.00
Tower Garden: $1,200.00
GaGa Ball Pit: $5,000.00
Standing Desks and Chairs: $720.00

Foundation supported programs 2014-2015

Makerbot Replicator Mini-Compact 3D Printer: $2,700.00
Sensory Tools for Students: $4,500.00

What the teachers are saying

Our flexible seating options, wobble stools and stability balls, along with the option to use a standing desk with a swing bar allow students to get their extra wiggles out!   Lori Heinze, 1st Grade Teacher

Our Osmo games are creating a fun way for us reinforce the skills being taught in class. The Osmo apps allow our students to play against each other in a race to spell words, solve math problems, code the monster through the game, and even create pictures using shapes (tangrams). Osmo is a hands-on learning tool that creates an interactive educationalsetting for students to practice the skills being taught in class.   Maddie Nicholson, Kindergarten Teacher

Our new hydroponic planters are going to make it possible for every student in grades K-2 to have hands-on experience watching plants grow year round. The students will watch the plants grow from seeds, and they will be able to help give the plants water and fertilization. Since the students will be personally invested in the growing process, we anticipate them being excited to try the new foods they are growing!   Tina Regier, Kindergarten Teacher

IXL improves the efficiency of my classroom. I use IXL for both remediation and acceleration. We set class IXL goals. This motivates the students to push each other to use the program both at school and at home.  I like the custom date reporting feature and Trouble Spots report. This allows my students to slow down and pay attention to their areas of weakness. As an educator, I use the Real-Time Center to monitor students to ensure maximum learning is occurring. I also like the Recommendations feature.  We use this daily in various challenges that keep them motivated they absolutely love it…especially when Royals tickets are the prize!   Josh Cavender, 6th Grade Teacher

IXL for English/Language Arts is an adaptive program to target reading, writing, and grammar skills. It allows students to move at their own pace, filling in gaps in learning as well as extending knowledge above grade level. The diagnostic arena allows teachers and students to see where each student falls in each objective, allowing for goals to be set for each individual student.   Jennifer Juday, 6th Grade Teacher

Gaga Ball

It was exciting to see students experiencing another option for increasing physical activity during recess time, and the ability to move the Ga Ga Ball pit inside or outside meant that weather and playground conditions were no longer deterrents to students being able to enjoy this hugely entertaining form of exercise! Thank you, again, to the members of the Briarwood Foundation for their desire to bring innovation to our school that serves to impact as many students as possible!

Sensory Tools for Students

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get the grant! The importance of giving students an opportunity to move within the classroom is so important. I was fortunate to have 2 standing desks in my room this year. It was an incredible benefit to one of my students, being able to stand during class. He has lots of energy and while he stood at the desk, the foot bar was in constant motion. He always had the option of returning and sitting at his desk, but 90% of the time he chose to stand. The other desk was used on a rotation basis by the other kids in the class. No one ever turned down the opportunity to stand at the desk!

“I think, as teachers, we realize how hard it is to sit for long periods of time. Giving students the opportunities for movement or alternative seating is a way to help keep them focused on learning.”

“I am excited to receive the other items from the grant and see them used in various classrooms. Thank you so much for your generosity.”  Sarah Collins, 1st Grade

Programming Sphero robots in 6th grade!

The Spheros have been a smash hit with the 6th graders of Briarwood Elementary. We received our shipment of 12 Sphero robotic balls in the spring of 2016 and immediately began to explore coding and robotics.  The students have programmed the Spheros to solve challenges, complete mazes, drive around the school, and coordinated dances around the room. As the world becomes more automated and automobiles move toward a driverless system the students of Briarwood have been writing code to drive their robots through a fictional neighborhood, make deliveries, and return back to their homes. They learned to write code, problem solve, and collaborate as a team as we explored these innovative learning tools.

During the 2016-2017 school year we are moving the Spheros to the Library/MakerSpace and students K-6 will be exploring programming lessons with Mrs. Stein during their specials in addition to their traditional library time.

Thank you for your support of the students of Briarwood – your donations have better equipped these students for their future!

6th grade teachers